Client/Server Architecture

Client workstations and server can be connected by a local area network (LAN), a wide area network (WAN), or by the internet.


Networked: The server is located at QMS headquarters in Emeryville, CA. Clients are linked to QMS by a wide area network (WAN) or by secured connection through the internet.

Stand-alone: Servers are located at the client’s/user’s facility. The client’s terminals connect to the server through a LAN, WAN, or a secured connection on the internet.



  • Dialysis lab systems
  • HL7
  • Machine hookup

QMS Focus

  • Dialysis lab systems
  • Dialysis clinical systems
  • HL7

Technical Summary

QCS and QMS Focus are written on PowerBuilder and run under various Microsoft Windows operating systems. The server runs an Oracle database, a high-performance relational database management system, which is widely recognized as the technical standard of the industry. It provides a wide range of capabilities, such as triggers, stored procedures, and transaction processing. The server can run either Windows Server or Unix as the operating system. The size of the servers will depend on the client’s requirements. A fully configured server could include multiple processors, fault-tolerant features, and a high-speed disk array.