The CMS mandate for adoption of ICD-10 deadline will arrive on October, 1 2015.With the increased complexity of these new codes, dialysis facilities will need a billing system that is efficient, accurate and can guide your staff through the new levels of specificity required.

Some facilities still use paper tracking charge capture protocols where charges for care can be misinterpreted or lost, thus losing significant revenue every year. Others use inadequate billing systems that dolittle to guide physicians in ensuring that the proper codes are selected.Converting to an ICD-10 compliant billing system will help facilities accurately document charges and reconcile the services rendered to patients. Efficient systems decrease the time it takes for a facility to properly bill for reimbursements, decrease billing errors and reduce time spent reaching out to physicians for code verification.

With ICD-10’s increased complexity, it will be essential that your staff understands the importance of the October 1, 2015 deadline and that they have the proper tools and training to survive the change.

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