Greenfield Health Systems Kathy Radtke, Director Dialysis Services

“Greenfield Health Systems has been using QMS for billing since 2006 and QCS for clinical since 2009.  We find it easy to use, easy to train others on (including physicians) and can honestly say that the clinical application has constantly evolved into a true EMR since we began using it long ago.

What I really like is the QMS staff interaction – when we find a need for a change, QMS finds a way to implement it.  They are very receptive to any and all suggestions and if it cannot be done right away, we put in a Wish List item that does eventually get attention. The QMS Users meet annually and we always find something new presented or learned.  Whenever there is a new regulation or change from CMS, QMS and QCS are always on top of the change and how to implement it.

The mystery of CROWNWeb data transmissions was made so much easier with QCS staff there to answer questions, as well as very easy transmissions of data through NRAA, of which QMS is a certified provider.  All reports run in minutes as long as the data fields are correct and not overly extensive.  It used to take me a ton of time with our old system.  Some other features I really like are the download feature to Excel spreadsheets and the ability to sort by different filters. “