Atlantic Dialysis Mangement Services Victor Paras, IT Director

“Atlantic Dialysis Management Services and QMS have developed a great business relationship over the years.  Since the installation of QMS Focus in 2000, both companies have adapted and grown together in the dialysis industry.

ADMS began using QCS as a charge capture tool because of the link to the QMS Focus billing application.  In 2010, ADMS began transitioning all of their chronic dialysis units to QCS Machine Hook-Up.  This has eliminated paper documentation and moved the clinics into the electronic medical record practice.

With the dialysis clinics documenting patient treatments electronically, ADMS is able to utilize the strong reporting features of QCS.  Unit Administrators can have a daily overview of their patient population to ensure treatment compliance.   Utilizing monthly reports for QA also paints the picture of how a clinic performed for the month.  Overall, we appreciate that QCS has increased organization, improved data management, and reduced the space needed for medical record storage in all of our facilities.

We have been impressed with the QCS and QMS Focus support representatives provided to ADMS.  They are approachable, easy to work with, and a valuable resource to keep both applications running smoothly.”